Editing Lines & Borders

General Use Information
Right clicking the mouse, will often open a "context menu", such as on the data listing, border editing, or map editing.  A "context menu", is simply a menu of options or actions available to the user, given the current operation that is being performed.
  (Data list context menu,  Right Mouse Click on data listing)
In addition, many keyboard shortcuts have been defined.   These shortcuts are identified in this documentation as:


The keystrokes are shown inside the brackets..  This example indicates holding down the "ALT" key, while pressing the "S" key.
EDITING -  When in edit mode, vertices are shown as blue squares and may be selected by Double Left Clicking the mouse.
UNDO - Pressing [CTRL + Z] or choosing UNDO from a context menu will undo the previous operation.
In all edit modes, Context menu's are not available with Right Click, until POINTS HAVE BEEN SELECTED.  There must be a selection set to act upon.
Single vertex select by [Double Click left mouse buton]
Multiple selection is possible by holding down the SHIFT KEY while Double Left click on a second point. [Shift + Double Left mouse click]
Finally, to select an entire line, Double Left Click any point on the line, while holding down the CTRL key. [Cntrl + Double Left mouse click]
When in Border Edit Mode, TOPO style data, is displayed as "crosshair points" to aid in correct border placement.
Regualar Topo display:              Border Edit Display of Topo:
Selection is done the same as other edit modes, however in Border Edit, holding down the CTRL key while selecting points will snap to the nearest TOPO point.  This allows for precise control.