• TileLogic Office

TileLogic Office


1. Menu
Contains commands to manipulate the current view or document


2. Toolbar
Toolbar icons

Map Window

3. Map Window
Displays active map layers and overlays.

Data List

4. Data List
From this data list you may view data or
perform manipulation of the data.
By right clicking on a point, or selection of points*, a pop up context menu opens with the following options
* To select multiple points (used with "Translate" or "Del. pt.");
1. LEFT click on the first point of selection
2. While HOLDING DOWN THE "SHIFT" KEY, LEFT click on the last point of your selection. 
3. The selection will be highlighted - Right click on the selection to open the context menu.

Coordinate Display

5. Coordinate Display
Displays cursor position if field coordinates.  If contours have been generated, Z is displayed, otherwise only X, Y will be displayed.