Translate window

Translate window
Translating data is useful for reconciling surveys to a know point, in order to merge them.

Coordinate offset values.

1. Coordinate offset values.
Enter the values you wish to ADD to the existing points value.  Example, you wish to move all data 1/4 mile east.  Enter 1326 into the X box.  Alternately, use negative values to subtract.

Select target data

2. Select target data
Selection options include the selected items, or layer items.  For layer items, select from the dropdown "ALL" for all data, or "ACTIVE [ON] LAYERS"  to choose only data that resides on a layer currently turned on.  Additionally, you can add a search phrase, and only translate data which meets this criteria.

Preview data

3. Preview data
Based upon your selections in 1 & 2, this is a preview of what data item #9 (in this case, the first item that was selected) will be translated to.

EXIT button

4. EXIT button
Aborts any translation and exits.

APPLY button

5. APPLY button
When you have created a viable translation, "APPLY"  will be enabled.  Click to perform the translation if satisfied.