Layer Window

Layer Window
When a new field is opened, the TLuser.txt file is read, and predefined layers using #LAYER directive are loaded.
Layers are a powerfule data management tool.  They allow data to be maintained in a single file, but separated by type. 
System Layers
Layers 1 through 5 are considered system layers.  These cannot be deleted or their properties changed.  They may be turned on/off, but nothing else.
1. TOPO - Default location for topographical data.  Alternately, other layers may be defined with style TOPO, which is alterable.  Note, width and color have no meaning for layers with this style.
2. POI - All POI's (Points of Interest) are created on this layer.
3. NETWORK - the layer which hold Landrain Network file (.NET) overlays. if one is loaded. Note, "NETWORK" will be replaced with the overlayed file name.
4. DXF - the layer which holds DXF overlays, if one is loaded.  Note, "DXF" will be replaced with the overlayed file name.
5. INSTALL PROFILE - Default location for install profile data, created by machine performing a survey pass.
Layers ON or OFF?
Aside from that fact layers which are off are not displayed, the concept of turning layers on/off is important in TileLogic Office.  Often operations will only work with data that is on layers which are on.
Examples of this are:
Contour lines - Contours will only be generated, based on data layers specified as TOPO style. which are currently ON.
Export to Landrain - Only data layers which are ON, will be output for Landrain import.  Be careful, export to LD L, X, Y, ZN option, should ONLY INCLUDE DATA WHICH IS CONSIDERED RELEVANT TO THE TOPOGRAPHICAL MODEL GENERATION.


1. Log
The current layer that is selected for logging (mapping). This is not applicable in TileLogic Office.

I/O (Layer on/off)

2. I/O (Layer on/off) 
Click to toggle layer display.

Layer Name

Click on a layer name to open the layer property window
Note: layers 1 - 5 have fixed properties, and cannot be changed by the user.

NEW button

4. NEW button
Click to create a new layer, and open the layer properties window.  Up to 32 user defined layers can be created.

Layer Points

The total number of data points on the layer.

Layer Ftg Total

For layers with style "Line" or "EX_Tile",  footage is totaled and displayed.

ALL ON button

7. ALL ON button
Click to turn all layers on.

ALL OFF button

8. ALL OFF button
Click to turn all layers off.

ReCalc Button

9. ReCalc Button
Force re-calculation of totals for pts & ftg.

Reload Button

10. Reload Button
This will reload the default values as set-up in the TLuser.txt file, for layer names that match.

DONE button

11. DONE button
Click to exit the layer window, or press ESC.