TileLogic Data Management window

TileLogic Data Management window
Merging file data becomes important when many machines are generating data in the field, most often on the same job, at the same time.  When the job is complete, it is recommended that the files are downloaded from each machine, to a separate folder, for that given machine, where it can be archived.
In so doing, folders will then exist, with data from separate machines, and containing mapped parts of a larger total project.  In order to ease as-built creation, this data management utility allows for the merging of data, into one NEW master file, while leaving original data files intact.  This "master" merged file, can then be opened, and a map printed or data exported for an entire project in one step.
It is further recommended, that you create a folder, where ONLY merged data files will be stored.  See Merge folder.

Remove Install Data check

1. Remove Install Data check
When merging, removes install pass data, which is generally unneeded for As-built mapping, but WILL be needed, if merging files for use during installation.

Disregard TOPO data check

2. Disregard TOPO data check
Simply, overlooks merging Topo data.  What is in the primary file will exist, but data will be merged from other files.

Search String

3. Search String
Allows you to search merge folders for similar filenames.  The last 10 most recent searches are saved.

Target folders and elibible files

4. Target folders and elibible files
Exands or contracts the tree listing.
A list of default directories.  For example a folder for survey only data, a folder for plow data, and a folder for trencher data.  These folders hold the data based on it's source, and use the to
add or subract from the folders you wish to search / select from.  Once a merge is complete, all settings are saved.
Prior to moving selected files to the right (or merge files listing), this is how it looked:

Files to merge

5.  Files to merge
This contains the lists of files that are to be merged into one new file.
Adds a selected file from the left to this list.
Adds all check files on the left into this list.
Moves selected file on right, back to left and off merge listing.
Moves all files back to left, and clears the merge file listing.

Default Outpt folder

6. Default Outpt folder
Click to select a folder.. this becomes the default location for merge files to be created in.

Merge filename (Output file)

7. Merge filename (Output file)
The output file name.  By default, the first filename has "_MRG" apppended to it, but this may be manually edited.

EXIT button

8. EXIT button

START button

9. START button