Machine Control Status Bar

Machine Control Status Bar
Expanded status for machine control window.

Calculation Status

1. Calculation Status Progress bar, when a recalculation is performed on a profile.  Relevant when slope, min depth or other parameters cause the profile to be recalculated.

Control type

2. Control type Control Mode Type
  • MANUAL - Auto Control is off, the machine is being controlled solely by the operator.
  • AUTO - The machine is being controlled automatically.
  • PAUSED - The machine is in Auto Control, however the machine is not being controlled because the machine is stopped (0 FPM) or the GPS quality is too low.

USB Status

3. USB Status  The status of the USB connection to the MC122401 control box.

CB Error

4. CB Error The number of communication errors seen between the computer and the MC122401 control box.  A small number of errors is acceptable.

GPS status

5. GPS status
The same status as used in main & map status bar.