POI window

POI window

POI Description

1. POI Description
Enter descriptive text for the Point Of Interest.  Limited to 128 characters.  This is required.

Set "auto" seconds timeout

2. Set "auto" seconds timeout
Use this control to increase or decrease the seconds until the POI is automatically taken.  The default is set in the Map Setup >> Mapping Tab.
Set the timeout for a automatic POI.  Automatic POI's are used when the GPS receiver is mounted on a temporary mobile mount.  This is handy for measuring ditch channels for example, or whenever the receiver cannot be set directly over the desired location from the vehicle mount, and the operator must be away from the computer.  Once the POI times out, a popup box opens to allow for changing rod lengths to compensate for differences from the vehicle mounted height.

APPLY button

3. APPLY button     Immediately create a POI at the current location.

AUTO button

4. AUTO button     In cases where the receiver must be mobilized from it's mounted position, AUTO allows the operator to physically move the receiver to the desired POI location.  Once the specified seconds time out, a POI is automatically set.

CANCEL button

5. CANCEL button     Exits without saving POI.