MAIN window

MAIN window
The main purpose of this window is to insure GPS hardware is setup and functioning properly.  This should be verified, before continuing to "MAPPING".
  1. Insure GPS messaging looks correct.
  2. Insure Sats indicator indicates a reasonable number.
  3. Check  PDOP.  Without correction signals or clear view satellites, this will be high.
  4. Check CS age.  Higher than normal (or No Base!) times indicate wrong channel or poor RF reception from base.

SET BENCH button

1. SET BENCH button     As an OPTION, the benchmark may be set at this time, but this is only recommended for temporary cases.  For example, you may wish to set a benchmark at a road intersection, in order to locate a property line.  Case:  You wish to be 1/4 mile east of a road intersection.  Set a bench of 0,0, 100 (elevation not critical).  Then drive to X = 1326.
Note:  SET BENCH is provided on this screen as a convenience to the user, for the above reason.  It is not recommended to set a benchmark on this screen under normal use.

X coordinate

X (Easting) relative to the benchmark location.  If no benchmark has been set, nothing will display.

Y coordinate

Y (Northing) relative to the benchmark location.  If no benchmark has been set, nothing will display.

Z coordinate

Z (Elevation) relative to the benchmark elevation.  If no benchmark has been set, nothing will display.

Latitude display

Display actual latitude coordinates.

Longitude display

Display actual longitude coordinates

Elevation display

Displays the actual elevation, usually relative to sea level.

MAPPING button

8. MAPPING button     Opens the Map Window.


9. SETUP PORT button     Opens the window for communications parameters

LOG COM button

10. LOG COM button     Allows the communications messaging (data) to be written to the file "TLComm.log".  This file will be found in the same directory as the TileLogic.EXE file.
Warning:  This should only be done for short periods of time, otherwise the log file can grow very large.  Used for troubleshooting.

Raw Communication Data

11. Raw Communication Data
This displays show real time the messages being sent to / from the GPS receiver.  1000 messages will be populated, before the display is cleared, and redrawn.

ABOUT button

12. ABOUT button     Opens a window with licensing and software information.

Status Bar

13. Status Bar
Status Bar displays GPS and Com status in both Main window and Mapping window.